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How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home? Or you’ve just bought a new one and are looking for the best way to ensure it stays fresh and clean.

We’ve got some advice for you!

Velvet is an incredibly durable fabric that can withstand stains and spills, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious. If you don’t take care of it properly, it can look old and worn.

So what do you do? We’ve put together the tools you need and a quick guide on home cleaning velvet sofas at home that will help eliminate stains and keep your furniture looking great for years.

How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home?

How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home? Essential Tools to Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home

So, you have a velvet sofa. Maybe it’s a gift from a friend or family member; perhaps it was an impulse buy at the mall—the point is: you have a velvet sofa, and you need to clean it.

Unfortunately, velvet is a pain in the butt to clean. It’s delicate and prone to lint, so any stain or spill can quickly become permanent. However, cleaning your velvet sofa doesn’t have to be difficult using the right tools and solution. If you want to be able to clean your velvet sofa at home, you’ll need a few essential tools. Here’s what we recommend:


It will help to remove dirt and stains; a steamer is your best friend. It emits hot steam that lifts stains away from the fabric, leaving your sofa looking new!


For this job, you’ll want an all-purpose cleaner with some bleach. The bleach helps kill germs and bacteria, so your family stays healthy while enjoying their new sofa set.

Soft Cloth

Use to wipe down your furniture before using any cleaning solutions. This will prevent any damage from occurring due to friction between cloth fibers against leather or other types of material used in upholstery construction (such as cotton fabrics).

These tools I recommend will help you to clean your velvet sofa without worrying about damaging the fabric. So go ahead and give it a try!

What You’ll Do: Easy Steps To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home

How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home? It is an absolute pleasure to have a velvet sofa in your home. It can add a touch of elegance, luxury, and grandeur to your room. However, it would be best if you cleaned it regularly to keep it looking fresh and new for longer. Cleaning a velvet sofa can be easy if you follow the proper procedure. Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean a velvet sofa at home:

1. Finding The Stain

  • To keep your velvet upholstery tidy and clean, you must first identify any stains. You will find it very difficult to remove stains once they have dried.

2. Apply with Solution

  • Apple is the solution to remove any stains from the velvet sofa. I recommend mixing a bowl of lukewarm water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and two tablespoons of lemon water. Once the mixture is ready, soak the soft clean cloth and gently rub the stains. 

3. Use the steam

  • Low steam heats your velvet upholstery for the final touch to remove any residual dirt or dust from your couch. It will ensure that your upholstery remains clean and free from any dirt particles that may aggravate allergies or cause irritation when touched by skin contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Velvet Fabric and How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home?

Velvet is a fabric that has a pile of cut loops that are stacked on top of each other. Most velvet fabrics are made from synthetic materials, but some are also natural. Velvet is a very dense and heavy fabric used for various applications. It’s commonly used to make jackets and dresses, but it’s also often used in upholstery or drapes.

How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home and How often should I clean my velvet couch?  

How To Clean a Velvet Sofa at Home? We recommend cleaning your upholstery once every 3-4 months for regular maintenance. It will ensure that dirt and dust don’t build up over time and cause damage to your furniture. For more tips on “How To Clean The Sofa at Home without Vacuum Cleaner?” follow this guide. 

And If you need help with home cleaning services for your velvet sofa, ProClean is here to help! Contact us today and get things done!

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