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Carpet cleaning


Having a premium carpet in your living space adds a timeless appeal to your house. However, if you do not clean your carpet every month, it will not only collect human hairs, dirt, pet dander, etc., and appear soiled on the surface but also become a potential breeding ground for harmful disease-manifesting microorganisms over time. Fortunately, with ProClean and its in-house team of qualified cleaners, you do not have to worry about carpet cleaning in Vancouver anymore!

Being the most trusted and preferred local business in Metro Vancouver since its inception for doorstep maintenance of carpets and area rugs, at ProClean, we are committed to offering an environment-friendly and affordable cleaning service for our clients. Our patrons include luxury hotel operators, estate owners, fine dining restaurateurs, and more.

We place an utmost emphasis on express cleaning and rapid restoration methods that help bring out the natural radiance of carpets and area rugs. Our professionals possess several years of experience in using the latest generation of steam cleaning equipment. When it comes to same-day carpet cleaning in Vancouver, the only name that you can trust today is ProClean.

Call us now to provide all the love, tender care, and upkeep that your carpets truly deserve!