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Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Move Furniture?

Carpet cleaning is an essential task that every homeowner must undertake at least once or twice a year. However, many people are hesitant to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment due to the inconvenience it brings, especially if the house furniture needs to be moved around to clean the carpet thoroughly. As a result, one question that is often asked is do carpet cleaning companies move furniture?

The short answer is yes, most carpet cleaning companies move furniture. However, the extent to of the furniture moved may vary from one company to another. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on what to expect regarding furniture movement during a carpet cleaning appointment.

Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Move Furniture

Why Move Furniture?

Furniture movement is necessary during carpet cleaning to access areas of the carpet that are usually covered by furniture. This allows the carpet cleaning technicians to remove dirt and stains thoroughly. Additionally, moving furniture prevents mold and bacteria growth, which can occur when moisture is trapped between the furniture and the carpet. As a result, it is vital to move furniture to ensure that the entire carpet is cleaned effectively, leaving no dirt, germs, or chemicals behind.

What Furniture is Moved?

When it comes to furniture movement during a carpet cleaning appointment, it largely depends on the company’s policies and the homeowner’s preferences. Typically, a professional carpet cleaning company will move lightweight furniture such as chairs, ottomans, and small tables. This movement allows the cleaning technicians to access areas that would be challenging to clean under the furniture, such as the corners and edges of the carpet.

However, some furniture may not be moved due to its weight or fragility. In such cases, the homeowner is advised to move the furniture before the carpet cleaning appointment. Furniture such as pianos, china cabinets, bookcases, and sofas may not be moved during the cleaning process as they are heavy or fragile.

How is Furniture Moved?

Carpet cleaning technicians use specialized equipment to move furniture. The equipment used is designed to move furniture with ease, minimizing the risk of damage to the furniture or the carpet. Typically, carpet cleaning companies have sliders and moving pads that are fitted under the furniture, allowing the technicians to move them quickly and efficiently.

The cleaning technicians also take the utmost care when moving fragile or expensive furniture. For instance, if a cabinet needs to be moved, the cleaning technicians will remove all the items in the cabinet first to prevent damage to the items. After cleaning the carpet, the technicians will ensure that the furniture is carefully placed back in its original position, ensuring that no damage occurs.

What if You Don’t Want Your Furniture Moved?

While carpet cleaning companies are equipped to move furniture, there may be instances where the homeowner is unwilling to have their furniture moved. In such cases, the cleaning technicians will only clean areas of the carpet that are accessible. However, it’s essential to note that the results may not be as thorough as when the furniture is moved. Therefore, it’s advisable to move furniture or at least clear the area under the furniture before the carpet cleaning appointment.

Conclusion – Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Move Furniture?

In conclusion, when it comes to do carpet cleaning companies move furniture, the answer is yes. The reality is that, carpet cleaning is a task that every homeowner should undertake regularly to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of their carpet. When scheduling a carpet cleaning appointment, it’s essential to inquire about the company’s policy on furniture movement. Most professional companies will move light furniture to ensure thorough cleaning of the carpet. However, heavy or fragile furniture may not be moved during the cleaning process for safety reasons.

In summary, carpet cleaning companies move furniture to ensure successful carpet cleaning. Furniture movement provides access to areas of the carpet that would otherwise be inaccessible and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Homeowners who do not want their furniture moved during a carpet cleaning appointment are advised to clear the areas under the furniture beforehand to ensure the best possible cleaning results.

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