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A balcony is a wonderful addition to any apartment, providing extra space and fresh air. With that said, a balcony requires a lot of maintenance and care to keep it in pristine condition. If it’s not properly cleaned, it can be a breeding ground for dirt, grime, and mold. Fortunately, in this blog post, we’ll share 15 tips on how to clean your apartment balcony quickly and easily. Whether you have a small or large balcony, these tips will help keep it looking its best. So let’s get started!

How to Clean Apartment Balcony

Reactive Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Apartment Balcony 

Tip #1 – Clear Your Apartment Balcony

The first tip on how to clean an apartment balcony is to make sure it’s clear and clutter-free. Think of it like you would a room in your house – get rid of anything that doesn’t belong there and make sure that everything has its place. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger the space feels if it’s uncluttered and organized! Plus, a tidy balcony with no distractions or extra items makes for an ideal spot to relax after a long day.

Moreover, ensuring your balcony remains clear and organized will save you time for future cleaning sessions. With just one big sweep, all unwanted items can quickly be cleared away – leaving you more time to enjoy just being outdoors!

Tip #2 – Sweep Dust and Debris From Your Balcony Floors

Keeping your balcony swept and free of dust and debris is key to making it a relaxing space. Aside from making your balcony look nicer, sweeping regularly can help keep away pests. Additionally, when you remove the dust and dirt, this can prevent the dirt from getting tracked inside your home. When you sweep be sure to use a broom and dustpan made especially for outdoor surfaces. It’s another simple way how to clean an apartment balcony.

This will allow you to efficiently shake loose pieces of dirt and debris before gathering them into the pan. Sweep in one direction to ensure that all of the dust has been removed. Lastly, after sweeping remember it’s still important to remove any lingering moisture or mildew spots that may have built up with a damp cloth. For more details and tips about sweeping balcony floors feel free to check out our blog on “How to Clean Balcony Floors.

Tip #3 – Remove Dust Stains on Your Balcony with a Laundry Detergent

One pesky issue that can crop up on balcony railings and sides is dust stains. These stains arise from rust which can build up from moisture during humid Summer months, or during other seasons like the Fall or Winter. With that said, getting rid of them is surprisingly easy – all you need to do is mix a teaspoon of laundry detergent with warm water, then use a sponge or cloth to scrub the stained area.

If the spot is stubborn and doesn’t come off with this alone, try adding some baking soda or vinegar for added cleaning power! Eventually, the dust stain should be removed from the surface, leaving your balcony looking as pristine as ever.

Tip #4 – Consider Using a Bristled Broom for Your Balcony Floors

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your apartment balcony floors clean, consider investing in a bristle broom. This type of broom is great for both dry and wet debris, making it ideal for sweeping up dirt, leaves, and other messes that might be tracked onto your balcony.

Best of all, the bristles are soft enough to prevent scratches or damage to any hardwood or composite flooring while sturdy enough to remove the toughest dirt. Additionally, a bristle broom is much gentler on tiles than other heavier and more abrasive tools like steel brushes. After all, no one wants to have scuffed floors on their balcony!

Tip #5 – Sponge or Mop Your Balcony

For an even more thorough cleaning experience, you may want to consider sponging or mopping your balcony floors. Just like inside your home, this will help ensure that all of the dirt and grime is removed from the surface. Use a clean mop and warm water for best results. As mentioned earlier, if you have a bristled brush consider using it if you need additional cleaning power.

Tip #6 – Consider Using a Pressure Washer for Deep Cleaning Your Apartment Balcony

If your apartment balcony is looking a bit worse than usual, it may be a good idea to avoid a scrubbing brush and opt for a pressure washer instead! More often than not, if you need to clean pollen, dust, rust, leaf, or oil stains, it is usually best to use a pressure washer. Pressure washing services can give your balcony a deep clean and make it look almost as good as new.

Not only will it help remove any stubborn dirt or grime but you’ll also be able to get rid of cobwebs, spiders, and any insects that have been living in alcoves. Plus, you don’t need to worry about scrubbing away tough-to-remove stains. Pressure washing is not only great for cleaning, but it’s super easy too – just point the nozzle at your balcony and watch the job get done!

Tip #7 – Rinse Your Apartment Balcony with Clean Water

After you’ve finished scrubbing and pressure washing, be sure to rinse your balcony with clean water, that is also how to clean an apartment balcony. This will help remove any leftover soap residue that might remain on the floor or railings and make sure the surfaces are left looking fresh and sparkling. You can either use a garden hose or bucket of warm water to get rid of any remaining dirt and debris. Once that’s done, you can then go about drying the surface with a cloth or mop.

Tip #8- Take Care of Your Balcony Plants

If you have balcony plants you want to make sure that everything is cleaned and organized properly.  Taking the time to wipe down your balcony plants with a damp cloth will help keep them looking healthy and attractive. Additionally, if you have an outdoor garden hose, use it sparingly and be sure to only water your plant when necessary in order to avoid any excess moisture that could damage other surfaces. Moreover, don’t forget about fertilizing and pruning your balcony plants for optimal growth and cleanliness appeal.

Tip #9 – Scrub the toughest rust stains with muriatic acid

If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn rust stains on your apartment balcony, consider using muriatic acid. This is an extremely powerful chemical that needs to be used properly and with caution on how to clean apartment balcony. Be sure to use the appropriate safety equipment (such as goggles and gloves) when handling this type of acid.

Once you have it in hand, mix it with water in a bucket and apply it to the rust stain with a brush. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing, and then rinse thoroughly afterward. As long as you use the right safety equipment and take precautions, this solution can help get rid of tough stains that other cleaning products may not be able to tackle.

Tip #10 – Spread diluted bleach for mold and mildew

Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent on how to clean apartment balconies where you see mold and mildew. Dilute with warm water, spray on the surface, and let it sit for an hour or so. Always use caution and protection, such as gloves, to not burn or damage your skin. After an hour, clean it off with warm water.

Tip #11 – Apply commercial degreaser for grease stains

Grease stains can be difficult to remove and often require a commercial degreaser. Degreasers contain powerful chemicals that break down the grease molecules, making them easier to remove. Make sure you read the directions on the product label before using it, as some products may require additional protective equipment such as gloves or goggles when in use. Once applied, let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the stained area with warm water and a cloth or brush. This will help loosen up the grease making it easier to remove from your balcony surfaces.

Proactive Cleaning Tips How to Clean Apartment Balcony 

Tip #12 – Consider Using a Sealant on your Balcony Floors

If you are willing to take an extra proactive step to ensure that your balcony is constantly in optimal condition, you may want to consider using a sealant. Sealants protect the surface of your balcony from dirt, debris and moisture while also making it easier to clean in the future. You can either choose a sealant specifically designed for balconies or opt for a general-purpose sealant that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sealants are usually a good choice for concrete or stone balconies, but it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying any sealant. That way, you can make sure that your balcony is properly prepared and protected for years to come! That’s how to clean an apartment balcony.

Tip #13 – Don’t Forget about Air Circulation

In regard to maintaining your apartment balcony don’t underestimate the importance of encouraging consistent air circulation. Taking preventative measures like adding a fan to your balcony will help keep air circulating so that it help to reduce the risk of mold forming in any alcoves or crevices on your balcony, keeping your space hygienic and safe to use.

Additionally, having another fan near the outside door of your balcony will also help keep any dust or dirt from infiltrating your home when you open the door making the cleaning process so much easier.

Tip #14 – Employ Built-in Storage

Another good idea on how to clean an apartment balcony is to consider investing in some built-in storage solutions for your balcony. This could be anything from shelves and cupboards to even hanging plants or wall racks! Not only will this help you minimize clutter and keep your balcony looking clean at all times but it will also help keep your items away from dust and dirt.

Tip #15 –  Take Advantage of the Sun

If your balcony is blessed with a lot of sunlight, take advantage of it! This will help to keep mold and mildew away while also making cleaning so much easier. Natural light can make all the difference in terms of keeping your balcony looking its best. Additionally, you can use the sunlight to dry any wet messes or spills quickly and easily.


All in all,  keeping your apartment balcony clean and tidy is a must! This will help to ensure that you can enjoy the space without having to worry about dirt, dust, or mold. With these simple tips on how to clean an apartment balcony, you should have no problem keeping your outdoor space looking its best all year round. All the best & happy cleaning!


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