Carpet cleaning usually may not be hard or technical, but mistakes take place. If you are the tenant, you should avoid making mistakes to make your landlord really happy.  Moreover, if you wish to get back the money, you must look for a company that provides the best carpet cleaning in Burnaby. Usually, all tenants make mistakes which may seem minor, but can be a big one for the landlords. If you don’t want to risk the money, then choosing the right company is important.  Here are a few of the mistakes you must avoid.

Not Doing Test with Carpet Cleaning Solutions

If you find a stain on your carpet, that you did not spot right away, it is time you hire a professional cleaner .  It is because using any carpet cleaning product or solution is not the right thing to do for all carpets. But if you hire experts they would be careful enough to put the detergent right into the stain. This way they won’t damage your carpet which you would if you are not careful.

Soaking dirty upholstery in the water

One of the other mistakes that you do is soaking the upholstery in water when it has coffee or drink stains on it. However, soaking in the water make the spot bigger and harder as well as difficult to clean. You sure don’t want to give your landlord the sofa back in a damaged condition with mold all over it. Carpet cleaning is the work of the professional and so it is better to leave it to them.

Using vacuum in wrong directions

If you have no idea about vacuuming, you probably shouldn’t it. As there are experts for carpet cleaning it is important to let them do. Since vacuuming in the same direction won’t remove all the dust and dirt, but would get stuck under the carpet. So, hiring experts is probably the best thing you can do.  A clean carpet would definitely appeal to the landlord and he would be willing to return the bond money.

Trying to do it alone

One of the other things that you wish to do is try the cleaning yourself. It is one of the biggest mistakes you will make if you do. Without experience and knowledge, you can’t afford to do it alone. So, hire professionals who can understand your need and deliver the best work. At times doing it alone is possible, but in terms of bond cleaning, this is not the right thing since your money matters here.

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